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Why try contacts?  Whether you want a fresh look, the freedom to be more active, or just the ability to see your best, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses.  They will affect how you see - and how other people see you.  Discover the benefits.
New to contact lenses?  Hard lenses or soft?  Daily disposable or reusable?  With so many different types of contact lenses available how do you choose?  Here at Robert Mottershead Optometrists we are contact lens specialists.

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Johnson and Johnson - Centre of Excellence 

'Ace Practice'

We are proud to confirm that our practice has been recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Johnson & Johnson, more commonly referred to as an ACE PRACTICE.



Care Plan We are delighted to offer the Care Plan - our own membership scheme, which enables you to spread the cost of your contact lenses and eye care.
*  Enables you to budget monthly for your eye care, and spread the cost over the year.
*  Receive peace of mind from our all-in-one package of lenses and aftercare.
*  Covers all your eye examinations and contact lens check-ups.
*  Includes all emergency appointments.
*  Gives you special discounts on additional products purchased.
Please call in and ask for more details at reception.