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Eye examinations are an important health check that should be carried out at regular intervals. For adults this usually means every two years, and for children between six months to two years, dependent on the child.
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Not only does our optometrist check your vision, he also checks the health of your eye.

During this examination such conditions as cataracts, age related macula degeneration, Diabetes and Glaucoma can be detected. Your ocular history will be discussed at the beginning of the exam to determine any problems you may be experiencing.

Each individual has unique optical needs, so it is important that changes to your sight are corrected and spectacles supplied if needed. Your Optician will be happy to explain these changes or answer your questions in terms easy to understand.

Retinal Photography  the advanced new method of examining your eye health.  Our examination room is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.  This allows us to photograph the back of your eyes and look at pictures of your retinas, enabling a more detailed and accurate examination. Retinal Photography

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Domiciliary Eye Care Service Our Domiciliary Eye Care service has been specifically created for those patients who cannot access our optical practice unaccompanied. All testing requirements have been considered and our service has been built around this. For those patients who qualify for a domiciliary eye examination, the fee is completely covered by the NHS Sight Test voucher. Should the patient also receive help towards their spectacles, the entire cost could be completely covered.


.Eye Examinations

.can check for ...

* Glaucoma
*  Diabetes
*  Cataracts
*   Dry Eye
*  Visual fields
*  Sight Test
*  And more......
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